Manuel Mendoza Egea - ARTIST


Manuel, "THE ARTIST 52", as it is identified in social networks; is a talented Puerto Rican artist, who began to develop his interest in drawing at an early age observing his father, who, using his skill as a draftsman, entertained him by drawing sketches of different objects. Thus, guided by his inclination to art and evident talent, at the age of seven, he takes his first art class with the now deceased teacher Andrés Bueso padre. Then, the artist complements his self-taught studies in art with teachers Bart Mayol and José Azaustre. He graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus of business administration with concentration in accounting, to work in the administrative phase of a family business related to the manufacture and distribution of works and laminated frames. There very soon he develops as the main illustrator of the well-known Feelings Forever, Inc. product line, whose distribution of cards and Paque Cards©, with positive messages reached all the towns of the island through each pharmacy. His art reached thousands of homes thanks to this first commercial opportunity. Later Manuel dedicates himself to painting formal work on canvas, being a participant in countless art exhibitions in some of the main galleries in the country; among them the prestigious Labrador Gallery, located in Sears of Plaza las Américas. In 2000 he is part of the Ambiente Creativo Art Academy, teaching children, young people and adults the techniques of drawing and painting. Since then, Manuel has devoted himself fully to painting, teaching, and also to travel the island as a craftsman certified artisan, diversifying its supports and offering a wide variety of traditionally traditional works. Manuel is mainly an artist of local style, but like his sister Grace, he also loves sirens and is a recurring theme in his work.