Yolanda Padial - ARTIST

Yolanda Padial, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the daughter of the master of painting and sculpture, the late Don Luis Padial Porrata. She inherits her father's gifts for the arts. Observing the teacher, she learned the trade of creating works of art with the brush. She soon experimented with acrylic and watercolors, which she later used with great success designing infinite exclusive creations to decorate cards, posters and products of all kinds. For almost two decades she has executed an artistic work, extensive and proven in the market. Her work is vast, adding thousands of articles that carry her art and her name that have been distributed through Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the United States. She acquired a master's degree in education and a bachelor's degree in arts graduating with high honors, from the University of Puerto Rico. She complemented her art knowledge with the distinguished professors Wilfred Labiosa at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón and Rafael Rivera Ortiz in La Liga de Arte de San Juan. Today her work is expressed in a combination of mixed media on cardboard and canvas. Her creations are in a constant process of evolution. The work of this painter is characterized for presenting a banquet of Caribbean colors and Tropical briqhtness.