welcome to our seaside gallery, where art meets the sea.

We are artists, artisans and beach lovers. Our mermaid souls, are willing to connect with everyone around the world who also enjoy beach products and fine art designs. Inspired by our inner siren instincts, we constantly create and make a selection of amazing products for you to enjoy. This is a family business. Thank you for your support.


Local artists from the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico got together to reach the worldwide art market. In Mermaids District you will find us creating for you all the time inspired in our colorful views. Please support our artists. When you buy from us, you are getting a unique piece of art while you keep us creating with joy. 

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In Mermaids District we want to simplify your time. Let us do the job for you and save you money and time. Choose from our trendy selection on unique products from designers around the world. Help us support small businesses and make international connections. Enjoy your purchases.