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About us. Hello, some already know us from Ambiente Creativo, Gracious Gracie's and Kukera Designs. Today I have the great satisfaction of starting to climb a new step in the business world. We continue doing what we are passionate about, CREATE, but this time adapting to the new markets and expanding the possibilities. Arriving here has taken us a lot of dedication and effort, which together with the experience that the years give us, enable us to be selective and realistic. Motivated by the interest of nature in the sea, there is, as many of you know, my fascination with the theme of sirens. So I do my thesis on the subject where I can take a deep hold on the subject. Mermaids District arises as a product of this personal need to create a niche for my internal siren and to drive my entrepreneurial spirit.
Now I expand what makes us different.
In the Mermaids District we have made a wide selection of thematic products. We know that the social media market is increasingly competitive and it is very confusing to buy online. From own experience, it was very difficult to select articles and it took a long time to search. In Mermaids District we want to simplify your time so you do not invest in looking everywhere for what you like. So with much dedication, enthusiasm, study and time we have invested in preparing this space that we call siren district, so that you find in one place the most trendy at the time related to our common theme, our love for mermaids. We are a family business that believes in values, in the conservation of the environment, in gender equality, in the rights of women, of animals. We believe in peace and freedom of expression.

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