Collection: Grace Mendoza's Jewelry and Apparel Collections


Since my childhood I was a doll lover. I always try to draw them, but I wasn't able to do it right until I turned 18, when I went to an Art Summer Camp in Elsa, Illinois. That was my first formal art classes. There, I discover my drawing talents and also understood how important it is to get instructed for most of us who don't have a perfect innate spontaneity drawing. After that "glorious" experience, and inspired by all my teachers, I decided to become an art teacher myself to be able to help other people like me. Still, this is a happy journey. A long one where I learn how to become a better artist every single day, discovering new technics and how creative a person can become on this artistic journey using many different mediums. After 12 years of teaching art on my own local art gallery, I decided to put aside my job, and started to develop a line of characters which I called Gracious Gracie's Collection. They are inspired in my happy childhood and in every single little children and young spirited woman who become my student. So far, so good, so I added a few of my oil paintings to my mostly digital artworks, and now turning again to the mixed media compositions, which I enjoy the most! It brings happy memories with my students at art school. There, acrylics, scissors, woods and canvases where all over the place. Today, I sell in local art fairs, shops and different platforms like, InstagramEtsy, Redbubble and Please, enjoy and support our business. Thank you.