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Mermaids District

CHAKRA BRACELET with pearl charms

CHAKRA BRACELET with pearl charms

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Chakras are centers of energy. Each color represents a part of our body. Wearing this bracelet should remind us to take care of each one of them and take time in our daily life to eat healthy, breathe and meditate. The joyful energy we receive from the rainbow colors can make us feel happy, positive, creative and beautiful. Use it with a good intention and enjoy the bohemian look.

Hand crafted by Grace Mendoza Egea, the artisan and the creator of this Mermaid District. This nylon bracelet is embellished with glass and plastic seed beads. Closure is in macramé and it's completely adjustable for any adult size.

Available in gray, blue, red or black nylon.

Hand made in Puerto Rico.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

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