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GG Assorted 3 piece set - Omayra

GG Assorted 3 piece set - Omayra

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Omaira es... Juventud.
Omaira Taína es una joven nativa de Boriquén. Su tiara de algas y estrella de mar fué un regalo que le hizo su padre al cumplir sus quince años.

Omaira is... Youth.
Omaira Taína is a native young from the Island of Boriquén. Her green tiara is made out of seaweeds and it has a sea star. This was a gift from her father on her 15th birthday.

Hand crafted by Artisan: Grace Mendoza Egea  Collection: Gracious Gracies 
3 pieces set includes:

1- 8x10 print

1- small rectangle glass pendant in nylon necklace

1- square glass pendant in rubber necklace



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