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GG Assorted 5 piece set - Yanira

GG Assorted 5 piece set - Yanira

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Yanira Beatriz es...artística.
Esta extraordinaria chica posee mucho talento para el arte.
Dibuja, pinta, decora y es muy hábil para las manualidades. A veces, tímida y otras, espontánea, pero es un ser confiable y de carácter dócil a la misma vez.

Yanira Beatriz is artistic.
This extraordinary gal possesses a great talent for art. She draws, paints, decorates, and is a very able crafts person. Sometimes she is shy and at other times, spontaneous. But she is a trusting being while being docile in character.

Hand crafted by Artisan: Grace Mendoza Egea  Collection: Gracious Gracies 
5 pieces set includes:

1- 8x10 print

1- adjustable ring

1- small rectangle glass pendant in nylon necklace

1- large rectangle  glass pendant in rubber necklace

1- sticker 



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